Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hello Comic and Picture Books students!

This will mark the beginning of me posting all of your homework so that you can see what your fellow students have done with the assigned pages. 

This is beginning with Homework 3 and I hope to continue to post all homework digitally turned back until the end of term.

Tarzan, Frankenstein and one other character.

As you all know the intention of this project was to create distinctly different characters, be mindful of the 180 rule and maintain left/right orientation.

Here is how your fellow students approached this project -

Zena Coffman

Chris Hodgson

Demetri Skopos

Ellie Peck

Claire Harkola

Taylor Shellhorn

Eliot Pepper

Tahirih Brown

Amethyst MacMahon

Anthony Ascencio

Deborah Eisenhardt

Moriah Sukraw

Alexandria Eisenhardt

Ben Collins

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